What makes male and female speech different? 男女の話し方の違い








僕の意見としてはこれは無くならないと思います。 普通の企業だと女性が出産や育児で仕事を長期間休むとやっぱり企業にとっての生産性は大きく落ちると思うし、、、 なので収入格差があるのはやむを得ない形じゃないかな。。





What makes male and female speech different?


Japanese women speak mildly, gently and sympathetically. These attitudes are thought of as a virtue in Japan.

Generally speaking, Japanese people like mild women, who never speak loudly and listen carefully when someone’s speaking. In contrast to women, strong men, who have the power to protect their family, are preferred by Japanese people, and the difference between men’s and women’s speech is generated.


One traditional difference is the gap between social status of men and women.
A few hundred years ago, the attitude of Japanese people was that women stay at home and do housework for the family and men go to work to earn money for the family. Men became proud of earning money because people can’t make a living without money. Due to men’s power earning money, women speech might behave in mild and gentle manner.


How do women express their words mildly? They speak with specific ending particles. For example, there is a sentence in English “wow, it’s raining” . As this sentence translates into Japanese, women probabry say “Ara, ame ha futte iru wa ne,” in comparison men say, “Aa, ame futte runa” . In Japanese, people can express mildness of personality by using “ne” and express powerfulness of personality by using “na”.


Finally, Japanese men realized that there is something wrong when they are consulted by women. For example, when you friend broke up with her boyfriend, I said “you have another chance”. She, however, quickly went into a bad mood. After that, I heared from her, according to her, she just wanted to be consoled. Therefore, women hope to be sympathized with.


To sum up, men are expected to work and be strong when they’re speaking. Meanwhile, women need to speak mildly with the social backs ground that women who have a mildness are popular.





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